Institute for Equitable Project Management

Welcome to the Institute for Equitable Project Management

Welcome to the institute for Equitable Project Management.

We promote equity-centered project management through research, training, and technical assistance.

We support local government agencies, local communities and community organizations, businesses, and policymakers in their efforts towards a more equitable Project Management.

The institute’s workshop provides a framework and a process for how to integrate racial equity considerations in capital project selection, planning, and delivery. The workshop introduces the Equitable Project Management Toolkit, which lays out a process and a set of questions specifically designed to address the unique challenges and complexity of advancing racial equity in project work.  

The framework and the toolkit help participants embed an explicit racial equity focus at each of the 7 key racial equity decision points in the project lifecycle, to maximize long-term benefits for historically underrepresented and marginalized communities. The workshop is a great first step to introduce your organization to how racial equity can be operationalized in capital projects.

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